Obama Campaign Raises Money With Hemp Products While Administration Is Banning Farmers From Growing Hemp

The 2012 election campaign is in full swing and President Obama’s campaign is hard at work raising money to fund his reelection effort. The campaign even has an online store featuring a wide variety of items for sale. One of the items offered is a beautiful hemp and organic cotton scarf made by fashion designer Monique Péan.
The scarf is listed as “made in the USA.” What the Obama store doesn’t tell you is that the scarf is made from imported hemp blend fabric made in China. Unfortunately the Obama administration has confused non-drug industrial hemp with marijuana and blocked American farmers from growing the crop. This outrageous policy has forced American companies to import hemp textiles, auto parts, building materials, nutritious foods and more from overseas increasing our trade deficit and offshoring farming and manufacturing jobs.
Complete article here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/eric-steenstra/the-obama-reelection-camp_b_1684999.html