While Arkansas will vote on medical marijuana, Missouri still won’t evolve

    Medical marijuana means more than smoking
    This November, voters in Arkansas will have the opportunity to pass legislation to implement a medical marijuana program in the state. If successful, Arkansas will be the 18th state in the U.S. – and the first southern state in history – to enact a medical marijuana program to help ease the suffering of sick and dying patients.
    With Medicare’s financial woes affecting senior citizens across the nation, the mature residents of Arkansas stand to gain great benefit with safe and affordable alternatives to expensive pharmaceuticals. Arkansas residents who suffer from chronic pain and debilitating conditions will benefit from non-lethal medication which has been proven over 6,000 years of recorded human use.
    Unfortunately, Missouri failed to garner the required signatures to put similar legislation on the ballot for 2012. Perhaps when Arkansans pass the bill this fall, Missouri will finally evolve and come into the 21st century.
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