Former Flyer Riley Cote hosting Hemp Heals Music Festival

Matt Mullin, Sports Editor

This September, Riley Cote and Live Nation will host the second annual Hemp Heals Music Festival at Festival Pier. This year’s lineup includes Rebelution, Matisyahu, Collie Budz, and Zion I.
I wasn’t sure what to make of this at first, because judging by the name, not to mention the acts – three of which I saw in Miami at something called Marley Fest – it seems to be an event supporting the cause of legalizing marijuana.
I would be wrong…as usual.
According to a Live Nation Press release, the festival “combines several different styles of music to promote the positive benefits of hemp” and “dedicated to promoting healthy living through the use of hemp products and other natural and organic goods by reaching out to the public with a music festival promoting musicians and businesses.”
More from the press release:
All funds raised for the festival will benefit a charitable organization that promotes wellness by healthy living.
The festival will also feature a vendor area for participating businesses to promote their healthy, sustainable, organic and hemp products. The vendor space is committed to products that further the public knowledge of holistic living, in addition to the incredible diversity and abilities of the fascinating hemp plant. Hemp is a great renewable resource that can be made into anything from clothing, food products, paper and more.
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