Re-Potted: Cities Can Now Ban Pot Clubs, But Dispensaries May Still Benefit

By Chris Roberts
A major roadblock in the way of medical cannabis reform in California was removed Monday when the California Supreme Court issued a long-awaited ruling, which says that cities can ban pot clubs. For now.
At least 200 places across the state, including San Mateo County and the East Bay’s tonier cities, have not taken kindly to the state’s medical marijuana scene and have banned pot clubs. They are within their rights to do so, the court ruled on Monday. This means the Southern California dispensary that fought a ban in Riverside will be shut down, and other cities and counties could follow suit.
That might sound bad to cannabis advocates; however, the court did point out that medical cannabis dispensaries are perfectly legal in California. What’s more, nothing is stopping the Legislature or the electorate from going further and crafting a law that says bans aren’t allowed.
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