Danielle McBride: “I Chose Cannabis To Save My Child”

by Brandon Krenzler
Danielle McBride: “I Chose Cannabis To Save My Child”
A faraway place and an unimaginable path– this is what cancer is to a young parent. It is always an unexpected diagnosis regardless of family history or past exposures. Words do not matter anymore; nothing does, not after you hear that terrible word come from a pediatrician’s mouth, “cancer.”  All you hear next is the dull throb of your pounding heart and the room-silencing ringing of denial in your ears. I am writing this on a two-year-old child’s birthday. This two-year-old is suffering from a form of childhood cancer known as a Wilms’ Tumor. His name is Abel McBride.
I had the chance to talk with Abel’s mother Danielle McBride about their journey through childhood cancer and the unique path they have chosen for their child. Abel’s father Andy could not be present. Andy has to remain back home in Pilot Rock, a small town in Eastern Oregon to take care of their six-year-old son, John, and continue working his job.
Abel was diagnosed on March 17th, 2013, with stage two Wilm’s Tumor (nephroblastoma), which in his case was a very large tumor that completely overtook his right kidney. Complications during surgery led to his tumor rupturing during removal, which ultimately boosted him to a stage three diagnosis. This is his story.
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