Marijuana: Introducing Canna-Rave, “the first ever all-cannabis rave”

By Wax Jones
Coming this weekend: A rave featuring heavy bass, lasers, strobes and…marijuana?
Yes, you read that right — not ecstasy or another club drug, but good, old-fashioned marijuana.
Pot isn’t usually associated with raves, but after this weekend, some rave-goers may think otherwise. That’s because on Saturday, Hashman Events is hosting “Canna Rave!, described as “The first ever all-cannabis rave.”
The pot-themed event, scheduled from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. at Fanbass Studios, 3050 East 43rd Street in Denver, is trying to capitalize on rave culture that is, well, all the rave right now. But instead of a bunch of sixteen-year-olds in their underwear running around trying to find “Molly,” there will be a group of 21-and-over stoners (unless you’re younger and have a red card) burning green and munching down while listening to dance music.
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