Sir Richard Branson Asked To Bankroll Marijuana Legalization in California

By Chris Roberts

Wouldn’t be the hardest thing he’s done

It’s not private prisons or Big Pharma that’s keeping marijuana illegal in California (though no doubt both benefit big-time from drug prohibition).
It’s money, as in a lack of about $3 million to put a voter initiative like the ones that legalized small amounts of cannabis in Colorado or Washington (and failed here in 2010) before voters in the country’s richest and most populous state.
Luckily, there are some exceedingly rich people who say they like the idea of legalization. And one of them — the magnetic Virgin Group magnate Sir Richard Branson, all $5 billion of him — was asked in San Francisco last night, point-blank if he’d consider writing the check.
He didn’t say yes. But, at the same time, the bold and outspoken billionaire didn’t say no.
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