The coming marijuana crash

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"Alright, so that's 40 pounds of premium marijuana at $8 a pound. Will you take a cheque?"
“Alright, so that’s 40 pounds of premium marijuana at $8 a pound. Will you take a cheque?”
Marijuana prices are going to drop substantially over the next year, and then drop even more once full legalization happens.
Marijuana prices in BC have dropped about 30% over the past decade, and I predict this decline will only accelerate over the coming years.
Home cultivation in Canada really got going with the introduction of high-intensity indoor lighting in the mid 1980′s. Before that time, virtually all marijuana and hash in North America was imported from Mexico or South America.
The profitability of Canadian marijuana exports into the US peaked during the mid 1990′s. At this time, the US dollar was worth up to $1.60 Canadian, and American prohibition was in full swing which kept prices high. It was a very profitable time to bring BC Bud across the border.
Since that time, the demand for Canadian cannabis in the USA has been on a slow and steady decline. California legalized medical cultivation and sale in 1996, and other states have steadily followed their lead. Now there are 20 states with some form of legalized medical marijuana, and two states with full legalization. Combine this with a US dollar basically at par with Canada’s, and we see why the demand for imported BC Bud has declined dramatically in the USA.
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