Board game introduces pathways to a competitive bioeconomy using hemp & bamboo

Derek Markham (@derekmarkham)

“In order to transition our economy from one based on nonrenewable and energy intensive resources, we’ll need to make a shift to other, more eco-friendly, materials which can be grown sustainably and sourced locally. In short, we need to establish and grow a ‘bioeconomy’ that is both regenerative and economically viable.
That’s essentially the premise of a new board game from the Foundation for a Bioeconomy, which seeks to introduce the concepts and strategies, as well as the economic factors, of a functional bioeconomy that could scale up to be a true gamechanger. The backstory for this proposed ‘Industrial Evolution‘, as well as some illustrative examples, can be seen in a short video series (4 parts, 15 minutes total), which lays out the groundwork for a “bioeconomy founded on bamboo and hemp, built by women for all.”
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