New Business Aims to Teach D.C. Residents How to Smoke Weed

by Tim Regan

When marijuana was legalized in the District last year, many people rejoiced, but some with less smoking experience scratched their heads. “Weed is legal, great!” they might have mused. “But how do I grow it? Where do I find it? How do I smoke it?”
Just a few months ago, the answer to many of those questions was “just Google it,” or “I dunno man, go ask Adam at Capitol Hemp.” But the D.C. School of Mary Jane, a new educational business based in Columbia Heights, aims to change all that.
In a nutshell, the School of Mary Jane exists to teach you how to consume marijuana recreationally and safely. The company’s founder, Ryan (who asked us not to his last name for employment reasons) said his goal is to weed out falsities based on “decades upon decades of misinformation and stigma tied to marijuana.”
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