Cannabis Is Great, But The Hemp Market Is Worth Billions

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worldwide hemp market
In 1938, Popular Mechanics published an article entitled, “Billion Dollar Crop” in reference to Hemp.At the time, a billion dollars would hold the modern day equivalent of $16,766,111,111.11 based on inflation and all that economic jazz. As of last year, Colorado grossed more than 1 billion dollars in Cannabis sales and the kicker here is, we’re only talking about cannabis – Not Hemp!
As the world sheds their old government induced beliefs and open up to a new era of cannabis, we are seeing society respond the industry quite favorably. In fact, in every state that has legalized cannabis either for medical or recreational use, have seen a growth within the industry. While the government is taking their sweet ass time to legitimize the cannabis industry, people are plunging forward and making it legit by themselves.
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