Paul Ainsworth
Mum of Billy Caldwell (11) secures legal cannabis-based medicine on Irish soil
Billy Caldwell and mum Charlotte were previously forced to travel to the US to receive cannabis oil treatment for his debilitating epilepsy
A Co Tyrone mother is receiving a cannabis-based medicine for her young son for the first time on Irish soil after previously bringing a supply of the vital drug from the USA.
Billy Caldwell (11) suffers a severe form of epilepsy that induces seizures which could kill and was initially not expected to survive before receiving life-saving treatment in Chicago.
When his condition worsened again last summer, his mum Charlotte was forced to take Billy to California, where medical and recreational cannabis is legal, to receive doses of oil made from the plant that can prevent seizures.
After a costly spell in Los Angeles that left the pair homeless while they paid for treatment, they were able to return to their Castlederg home after flying to Dublin, where they passed through customs with a supply of cannabis oil.
Now the relieved family can get the medicine they need without leaving Ireland.
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