Get Baked With 10 Cool Cannabis Cookbooks

Mary Jane’s Hash Brownies, Hot Pot, and Other Marijuana Munchies: 30 Delectable Ways With Weed by Dr Hash
Now that the use of recreational and medicinal marijuana has been legalized in Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington, we are on the road to cannabis moving into the mainstream and becoming a “legit” ingredient in our everyday home cooking. Edible cannabis has come a long way since the legendary Alice B. Toklas brownie, a concoction loosely based on the hashish fudge recipe in her her 1954 cookbook.
The culinary world is now full of chefs and bakers that are elevating the iconic bud into a thing worthy of discerning palettes and home cooks everywhere. You will be inspired by the impressive credentials, artistry, and science behind the delicious and tasty recipes within the pages of these cannabis cookbooks.

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