Gun rights and marijuana laws

Michael Perchick, KVUE

(Photo: KCEN Editor, KAGS)

As more states expand their marijuana use laws, a new issue is beginning to pop up that impacts gun owners.
On a federal firearms background check form, Section 11 E, which was revised on January 16, asks if a person is an unlawful user of marijuana, or any other depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or other controlled substance.
Underneath that, in bold letters, it clarifies that the use of marijuana remains unlawful under federal law, regardless if the state you live in allows it.
Heather Fazio with the Marijuana Policy Project says that provision is a problem.
“It’s unreasonable to deprive legal marijuana users in states that have allowed access for medicinal purposes,” Fazio¬†explained. “It’s unreasonable to restrict them to access to their second amendment right.”

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