Jack Herer: Not Just A Marijuana Strain, But A Marijuana Legend


In the decades-long battle against cannabis prohibition, when growing and possessing cannabis was illegal everywhere in the United States, a handful of brave soldiers stood out as leaders in the battle — and all of them were persecuted because of it.
Dennis Peron, long considered the father of medical marijuana, was shot by police, but survived to sponsor Prop. 215, the landmark California medical marijuana law that was the first in the nation.
Dr. Tod Mikuriya, the first medical marijuana doctor to give lifesaving cannabis recommendations to California Prop. 215 patients, was ruthlessly hounded by law enforcement, prosecutors, anti-cannabis proponents and medical associations.
And then there’s Jack Herer, one of the cannabis lobby’s most famous activists, authors and educators. The man worked so tirelessly to legalize the plant that his health suffered, and a series of heart attacks and strokes eventually led to his death eight years ago on April 15, 2010 at the age of 70. Before and since his untimely passing, Herer has been a major inspiration for cannabis legalizers, growers and consumers the world over.
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