Growing hemp and mushroom surfboards

DTU – Technical University of Denmark

Surfers care deeply about the health of the oceans – yet paradoxically – traditional surfboards comprise hazardous chemicals and non-biodegradable materials. Three design and innovation students from DTU are using their bachelor’s project to address this problem. “We’re trying to make the world’s first one hundred per cent biodegradable surfboard. Sustainable boards are in great demand in the surfing community, but there aren’t many people producing them,” says Dan Jensen – one of the students who also surfs in his spare time.
The team’s plan is literally to grow their surfboard in a large surfboard-shaped mould. The idea is to add hemp fibres and live mushroom roots to the mould which gradually fill the frame and bind together. “It’s still a little unclear how the process of growing the board will actually work, but there’s nothing for it but to try – and see what works,” says Dan Jensen.
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